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Vegas Knows Update: No Way Bucs!

10 days ago we posted the current Vegas odds for the Pirates winning the division (25-1) and winning the World Series (150-1).  Well, things have changed with a bit better odds on the Pirates but MUCH  better odds on the Cubs.  Here is where we stand:

Pirates  20-1 to win the division  (100-1 to win the World Series if you really want to know)

Cubs:  1-2 to win the division  (that means that you have to bet $200 just to win $100 on the Cubs to win the division)

Brewers:  2-1 to win the division

Cards:  9-1 to win the division

The experts are still saying “no way” for the Pirates.  Remember…Vegas knows.  Here is what they also likely know:

  • Television Viewership of Pirates games is down 27%
  • Attendance at Pirates games is down roughly 4,000 per game (of 30 teams, only the Royals have lost more attendance year over year)
  • Thus, revenues generated are less
  • Thus, no acquisitions that can really help this year
  • And still the possibility of selling talent for future prospects.

As for the fans, they see Moroff (.123 average)  and Jaso (.221 average) getting more playing time at the cost of Frazier (.267)

As for guys like C. Tebow, he sees a vulnerability to the teams’ future in Pittsburgh if they don’t trim expenses and dump salary for future prospects.

As for ownership and other components of the front office, they too would rather keep the team profitable and stay in Pittsburgh rather than gamble and possibly move.

At 10 days before the trade deadline, don’t expect any great news.  A losing team is still better than no team…

12 thoughts on “Vegas Knows Update: No Way Bucs!”

    Optimistic Ollie says:

    Hey Boxing: I’m not convinced. What if the Bucs clean the Giants clock the next three games? Then what will happen???

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Ollie: Then the Giants will have a CLEAN CLOCK and we will still be in 3rd place.

    Rico Sanchez says:

    You know the Gunner said watch out for the Cubs two weeks ago. Cubs went 8-2 over the past 10 while the Pirates were 7-3. So now in addition to being behind Milwaukee by three games, the Pirates are also behind the Cubs by three games.

    Manny says:

    Read on that Pirates GM offered Glasnow and Moroff to the Giants for Bumgarner.

    Zuki says:

    Stop the love affair with Watson, Skip! Opponents are hitting .306 against him. I don’t care if we’re up 4 runs or not, as Watson has the ability to put other teams back in the game. PLEASE trade him!

    Pessimistic Ollie says:

    I’m NO longer Optimistic Ollie. I am now Pessimistic Ollie. Bucs are (after this massacre ends) now 2-3 in last 5 games. You cannot make up ground on 2 teams and one behind you by a half game when you don’t beat the Giants.

    Drink up Nutting. You will soon be justified in your mindset to dump.

    J. Mora says:

    Playoffs?! Playoffs?! Are you kidding me? I’m just happy if we can win a game!

    Rook Rules! says:

    I will walk home from San Fran if the Bucs come back in this one.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Giants are wheeling (no pun to Nutting) and dealing (Nunez was dealt tonight to Sox mid-game I think) as they crush the Bucs and Nutting is counting his cash at Seven Springs.

    Dino from the Rocks says:

    Wonder who else needed a third baseman hitting over .300??????????????????????????????????

    StatBrat says:

    These teams that our Indianapolis affiliate are playing must be REALLY bad as Indy leads their division in triple A and the Columbus Clippers, Toledo Mud Hens, and Louisville Bats are all behind them.

    Is Glasnow, Brault, Moroff and company REALLY their best to send us? If so, AAA is a joke. Or Toledo, Columbus and Louisville must suck beyond my imagination.

    Ralph says:

    Watson is a loser.

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