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C. Tebow Says: Don’t Ruin the Future with this little winning streak!

Ran into an old sports friend in a Sewickley eatery late day today who gave me his perspective of the dilemma facing the Pirates.  CT says that IF we get too overconfident that the team will roar to the top of the standings, and end up being wrong, we will have missed the opportunity to unload obvious assets to receive prospects for future years.  CT has a good point.  The Bucs have been treading water for a few years and wouldn’t it be nice to go ALL IN on a future team say 3 years from now, when the glitter and glam have subsided in Los Angeles and Chicago??  If the Pirates do not…are they then content with a .500- ish team for the next 5 years?   Guess it all depends on what you want and if “being competitive” will appease the masses that pay for tickets or a definitive plan that will send a message of “here is what we are gunning for in three years.”

Within 10 days  will we know what direction Nutting is going?  Or will he play it “in the middle” and sell the concept of “good for the current season and good for the future.”  You really can’t have it BOTH WAYS and astute CT, the sports prognosticator of prognosticators, has expressed this clearly.

We shall see…

11 thoughts on “C. Tebow Says: Don’t Ruin the Future with this little winning streak!”

    Dino from the Rocks says:

    Hey Tebow, good to hear the voice of reason! Just got back from Brooklyn and watching what appears to be another Pirates win. Looks like it will come down right to the trade deadline for what SHOULD be done. But as we all know, what SHOULD be done and what is ACTUALLY DONE are two different things in the Burgh.

    Rico Sanchez says:

    Nice walk-off the other day. Congrats

    Gunner says:

    So, Boxing Jimmy runs into someone named C. Tebow at a Sewickley eatery, and CT convinces Jimmy that “wait till next year” make sense. Boxing Jimmy is usually right on the money, but I have to ask Jimmy: how many times will we fall for this old line? It almost makes me think that “CT” is on the “FO” payroll.

    Sure, the Cubbies are in it to win it. And sure, the Pirates are in it to make make money for Bottom Line Bob. And, sure, the past is prologue, and the Pirates recent trade deadline history is not promising.

    But, CT is espousing a normative argument (what SHOULD the Pirates do at the deadline?). And, the Gunner has explained before why the Bucs SHOULD be buyers this year. The division is weak, and the opportunity to win is NOW. The Team is solid and is finally on a roll. Marte is back. Cutch is back to being Cutch. Pollanco is hot. The starting pitching is good and the bull pen is even better. With just a tweak or two, the Bucs can win the division. From there, anything can happen – even a World Series championship. But none of that will happen if the Pirates are sellers this year. All the fans will have at that point is the same old empty promise, which CT expressed so clearly, “Wait till next year.” Sad. So sad.

    So, what WILL the Bucs do? As the Gunner explained before: the Bucs will do whatever it takes … to fatten Nutting’s wallet. Consider their past “deals”:

    The Pirates arguably added talent from 2012-2015. Years prior to that their deadlines were a disaster. Yes, losing seasons for 7 of the last 10 (Nutting years) and 22 of the last 25 years = Disaster. Deadline deals in 2016 can be argued both ways. So we have a 4 year period where they arguably added. And 21 where they didn’t.

    However, for the segment of the fan base that wants to actually win in the playoffs, the “adds” were very cautious and minor. With the exception of Byrd, Soria, and Happ (and Happ was insane luck, and they admitted they thought as much by not trying to sign him), most of the additions more or less did nothing, and were over the hill guys that they got because they didn’t have to give up anything (except maybe the reliever they gave up for Justin Morneau). They have yet to make a single move at the deadline for a known, good player with a good track record that is expected to make a major difference.

    Last year’s July 29th deal (while the Bucs were still in the hunt) trading away Mark Melencon showed that the FO will trade away the “known present” for the “speculative future,” so long as it results in saving money or obtaining (years of contractual) control. (And, yes – I realize that we have Rivero now, and that was an upgrade over Mark the Shark; but, like the J. Happ deal, that was dumb luck whose primary motivation was salary dump and years of control, not team improvement).

    And last year’s trade that brought us that Drew Hutchinson from the Blue Jays shows that the FO will even TRADE AWAY promising prospects (see Reese McGuire and Harold Ramirez) in exchange for dumping salary (in that case, Liriano’s).

    So, what can history teach us? The Pirates FO does not trade to make the Team more competitive; it trades to make Bob Nutting’s wallet fatter.

    What SHOULD the Pirates do? The Bucs should be Buyers.
    What WILL they do? Whatever it takes … to fatten Nutting’s wallet.

    Ralph says:

    Trust me: Slight Bubble Burst tonight as Kuhl will lose his cool.

    Davinci says:

    Hey Ralph, You still never sent me that hot tub pic of Hurdle Jaso and Moroff

    Ralph says:

    Dude I was just kiddin about the hot tub picture since he favors those two guys so much. Though come to think of it, if there is room, through Stewart in the tub too.

    The Possum says:

    Gunner – chill out, dude! Thanks to a recent surge that has helped them climb over the .500 mark, the Pirates have ruled out trading either outfielder Andrew McCutchen or utilityman Josh Harrison prior to the deadline, reports Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports. However, they’re not necessarily going into the deadline as full-blown buyers. Rather, the team could both buy and sell, as it did last year, and is willing to listen to offers for complementary players such as left-handed setup man Tony Watson, righty reliever Juan Nicasio, third baseman David Freese and first baseman/outfielder John Jaso. As for starter Gerrit Cole, the likelihood is that he’ll stay put, though the Pirates could still entertain offers for him, per Rosenthal. Video link at

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Got to give kudos to Ralph for stating emphatically that Kuhl will lose his cool. It was not a horrific outing but he gave up 4 runs and 9 hits in 6 innings. He also had 1 wild pitch and 1 balk (I would say that qualifies for “losing his cool”)

    Also have to back CT on his SELL, SELL, SELL strategy. CT is not talking about precision/selective dumping of big contracts, but rather sell all you can to set yourselves up for 3 years from now. CT says ‘why not since there is really no chance this year’. CT is a realist, and knows that 2 ingredients go into what this team can or cannot do effectively. The ingredients are:
    – Small market Team
    – Cheap “must make a profit” owner
    = SELL, and stock up for the future

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Oh, and welcome to the BIG LEAGUES Mr. Brault: You now have a 18.00 earned run average. Your not in Indy anymore

    Tommy says:

    Wake up all. This is not the Penguins or Steelers. It’s the lowly Pirates. Polanco is now on the DL. Who’s on first? IDK, third base?

    Really, we don’t have a 1st or third baseman. We are n need of 2 starting pitchers and if you really trust Watson, you must have did a little scheme with Bernie.

    Believe me, I’d love to be a contender and talk positively, but past performance always indicates future behavior. It’s not about what you want, it’s about what is realistic.

    I want a hot blonde and the old pepperoni back at Frank’s Pizzeria but sometimes you have to settle for a boardwalk breaker and Red Baron.

    Frank Salvatore from Bloomfield says:

    Tommy: If we are talking strictly frozen pizza, you have to go for a tombstone before any Red Baron. C’mon!

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