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Nutting! : Will you Fail and Sell, Win yet Bail, or BS. the fans yet again with Logic that is Stale?

The Pirates PLAYERS have done their part in the past two weeks.  The manager is finally clued in (though ever slow to absorb what all knew) and is making the right moves.  Now, what about ownership??  I’m so curious to see how Nutting has his boys (Huntington and Coonelly)  spin their bullshit when we sell off or trade a key piece of the team for some hope of future years.  Been there.  Done that.  Fool we once shame on you….fool me 4 times major shame on me and the town!  Get some balls and become a winner for a change!

9 thoughts on “Nutting! : Will you Fail and Sell, Win yet Bail, or BS. the fans yet again with Logic that is Stale?”

    Stush in Polish Hill says:

    Boxing MY HERO. You are so on point and just what the fans are thinking. You ought to start your own radio show. First contributor should be that Gunner guy cause he gets this shit too!

    Texas Teke says:

    Bottom Line Bob must be shi**ing a brick tonight. If the Bucs can sweep tomorrow, there will be real pressure to ADD to the roster, and not trade away their better talent.

    Oh, no! What. Will. You. Do. Mr. Bob?

    We know that Neil doesn’t want to part with any “prospects,” although prospects are just that: prospects. Not proven talent. And, we know that Bottom Line Bob doesn’t want to open his tight wallet to pay for actual talent.

    But … the PNC attendance, season ticket sales and TV ratings are way down this year. Who will pay for Bob’s new ski lift at Seven Springs? And to think that the coup de grace tonight was administered by Mad Max! Moron. Oh, No! Bottom Line Bob’s dumpster-diving plan is not working as planned. The Buccos have a pulse! They could be contenders this year. Maybe the Bucs need to be buyers this year and GO FOR IT!

    Nah. Just like the non-signings of Edison Volquez, J. Happ and the ridiculously stupid trade of Neil Walker, Bottom Line Bob will have some line of BS to feed Bucco Nation to explain why he won’t add to the roster this year. Sad. So sad.

    Go Astros!!

    Chester in Uniontown says:

    I hear ya guys. With no one to put any fuel in this Bucco car the car will stall. Embarassing response from ownership.

    Maxie Mom says:

    You guys keep making fun of Max Moroff. Let me tell you that his average is up to .132 AND if it had been a little bit higher at say .332, he would have made the All-Star Game.

    Cubs Rule says:

    Thought the site was out of business for two days?? Don’t get too excited Pittsburgh fans, the Cubbies will sell their mother to win this easy division if they have to. Don’t be surprised if your guy Harrison is playing for us in the playoffs!

    Optimistic Ollie says:

    Whoo Hoo! We might be at .500 as we embark on a two week west coast road trip!

    Rico Sanchez says:

    You guys notice sports talk lately. They are all pissed that the Pirates “should be buyers or at the very least NOT sellers” according to Paul Zeise. Others have echoed.

    Greg Brown on pregame yesterday politely said Clint waited WAY TOO LONG to make Rivero the Closer.

    Read through the lines with all others (Walk, Blass, Wehner, Starkey, Jack Z, etc., etc). They all know but are afraid to say it out loud as their paycheck come from Nutting in a circuitous way.

    Paulie in Brentwood says:

    Sweep. Nutting is starting to really pucker now.

    Gunner says:

    Teke in Texas asked, “What. Will. You. Do. Mr. Bob?” Short Answer: Bottom Line Bob and his FO will do what is best for Bob Nutting’s wallet.

    Cubs Rule said, “Cubbies will sell their mother to win this easy division if they have to. Don’t be surprised if your guy Harrison is playing for us in the playoffs!”

    Therein lies the difference between the clubs. Cubbies are in it to win it. Pirates are in it to make make money for Bottom Line Bob.

    Since the past is prologue, let’s consider the Pirates recent trade deadline history.

    I admit they arguably added talent from 2012-2015. Years prior to that their deadlines were a disaster. Yes, losing seasons for 7 of the last 10 (Nutting years) and 22 of the last 25 years = Disaster. Deadline deals in 2016 can be argued both ways. So we have a 4 year period where they arguably added. And 21 where they didn’t.

    However, for the segment of the fan base that wants to actually win in the playoffs, the “adds” were very cautious and minor. With the exception of Byrd, Soria, and Happ (and Happ was insane luck, and they admitted they thought as much by not trying to sign him), most of the additions more or less did nothing, and were over the hill guys that they got because they didn’t have to give up anything (except maybe the reliever they gave up for Justin Morneau). They have yet to make a single move at the deadline for a known, good player with a good track record that is expected to make a major difference.

    Last year’s July 29th deal (while the Bucs were still in the hunt) trading away Mark Melencon showed that the FO will trade away the “known present” for the “speculative future,” so long as it results in saving money or obtaining (years of contractual) control. And last year’s trade that brought us Drew Hutchinson from the Blue Jays shows that the FO will even TRADE AWAY promising prospects (see Reese McGuire and Harold Ramirez) in exchange for dumping salary (in that case, Liriano’s).

    So, what can history teach us? The Pirates FO does not trade to make the Team more competitive; it trades to make Bob Nutting’s wallet fatter.

    So, Teke (watch and learn): “What. Will. You. Do. Mr. Bob?” Easy Answer: Bottom Line Bob and his FO will do what is best for Bob Nutting’s wallet.

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