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MAX says: “Put me in coach! I’m ready to play today!”

Where’s Waldo?  I mean Max Moroff.  He played ALL THREE GAMES on the other side of the break against the Cubbies, starting once and pinch-hitting the other two games.  Where is the lovin’ on this side of the break?  Did you see him in the dugout tonight in game 2 of the series against the Cards.   He kept approaching Hurdle in crucial situations.  He even had his helmet on at one point.  Put me in coach!  I’m hitting .083 and we have left 10 runners in scoring position.  “Hand me the pine tar and PUT ME IN COACH…I’M READY TO PLAY…TODAY”

With the Bucs scoring ZERO runs tonight…will Max get his wish very soon?  Maybe tomorrow??

16 thoughts on “MAX says: “Put me in coach! I’m ready to play today!””

    Optimistic Ollie says:

    He is well rested with the All-Star break. Maybe he will be the savior in the second half. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. I’m Optimistic Ollie….but not Dumb Ollie!

    Maxie Mom says:

    I told you my boy was ready!

    StatBrat says:

    The Pirates have a LOSING record at home this year at 22-23. Who the hell gives any thought to them making the playoffs when they are below .500 AT HOME!!??

    Side note: There is NO other 4th place team that has fans that think they might be playoff bound. Get real!

    StatBrat says:

    Sorry. Don’t mean to monopolize the space, but the new stat is that the Pirates are 29th (out of 30 teams) in runners left in scoring position. Evidently, no situational leadership correlates with no situational batting. (Pinch hit Moroff a little TOOOOOOOO much)

    Catcher Chris says:

    How do you think I feel? I’m pounding the ball at .179 and Max gets more pinch hit opportunities than me!

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    I called it! Max got his wish, went one for three including his first home run! Average is up to .098 now. Late game he took a call in the dugout from President Trump who invited him to the White House tomorrow for his monumental achievement.

    Gunner says:

    By winning seven of their past nine games, the Pirates brought their record to 44-48 and proved that the Pirates should be BUYERS at the trade deadline. They took two of three from the Cardinals, winning Friday on Josh Bell’s walk-off homer. Bell is the real deal!

    And things got even better on Sunday with another walk-off win, as even Mad Max hit a towering home run off Cardinals’ starter Carols Martinez. Max hit 13 home runs with Class AAA Indianapolis, to go with a .385 on-base percentage and .269 average, and he is now bringing that power to the major league Club.

    With the Marte Party back in town on Tuesday and the (fake news) Brew Crew coming in for a four-game showdown, now is the time for Bottom Line Bob to open his wallet and let Neil bolster the roster with a quality 2B or 3B, a starting pitcher (how did we miss out on Quintana?!) and some bullpen help.

    Come on, Bob and Neil! Time to stop being cheap and short-sighted. With just a few strategic additions, this Bucco Team can be a contender, not a pretender. Think QUALITY not pretense – think Nemacolin Woodlands or the Omni Bedford Springs Resort and not that aging Seven Springs. Oh, wait. Never mind. Sigh. 🙁

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    While the Pirates were going 7 of the past 9, the Brewers went 7 wins of the past 9 also. As a matter of fact they went 8-2 over the last 10. Remember when they swept the Yanks in New York right before the break? They are no fake, but will find it difficult to hold off the surging Cubs. As for Bottom Line Bob, he sees the past 10 games as no progress, and so he will “hold em’ or fold em”…but won’t be asking for any new “cards.”

    Teke in Texas says:

    As a wiser man than me said: “The sad thing is that the front office seems to be in a self-fulfilling situation: they don’t do anything over the winter, after the Kang and Marte losses, or with our relief pitching struggles which keeps the team weak enough so they won’t have to make any “buy” moves at the deadline. And to add insult to injury, Quintana had a stellar outing with the Cubs to remind the Pirates how to do things. So sad.” (Hat tip to Tom Watson). Exactly! This ownership and management team DOES NOT WANT TO WIN. They just want to make money, and gobs of it. So sad.

    The Possum says:

    After reading THIS, Pirates fans should lower the Jolly Roger and give up all hope. But, at least it brings clarity.

    “A sweep either way this week against the Milwaukee Brewers would impact which path the Pirates take at the July 31 nonwaiver trade deadline.

    What if the Pirates merely split the four-game series against the NL Central leaders? General manager Neal Huntington refused to tip his hand.

    “We don’t want to undersell (or) oversell what this four-game series with the Brewers means,” Huntington said Sunday. “Obviously, an 0-4 (outcome) changes the dynamic pretty significantly. We go 4-0, it changes the dynamic in a much more positive direction.”

    After Sunday’s game against the St. Louis Cardinals, the Pirates were in fourth place in the division and trailed the Brewers by 7 1⁄2 games. After this week’s series at PNC Park, the teams will face each other eight times over August and September.

    “We still need to be realistic about our evaluation of this club, about our opportunities moving forward, about roles where we can get better, where are some of our flaws that we’re still going to be challenged by, what are our chances,” Huntington said. “We recognize the division’s different than the second wild card. We also recognize that we’ve gone 17-13 in our last 30 games and have lost two games (in the standings), so that means the club we’re chasing is still playing very well.” See (last accessed July 16, 2017 at 10:00 PM).

    So, yes, okay, Neil: let’s be “realistic.” The Pirates management is NOT dedicated to WINNING. It is dedicated to BOB NUTTING’S WALLET. Thanks for the clarity.

    David Smathers says:

    Hey Confused Teke: Tom Watson is a golfer. Tom Ricketts owns the Cubs

    Teke in Texas says:

    Not confused. Just well-read. Check it out, David:

    Tom Watson4 hours ago on

    The sad thing is that the front office seems to be in a self-fulfilling situation: they don’t do anything over the winter, after the Kang and Marte losses or with our relief pitching struggles which keeps the team weak enough so they won’t have to make any buy moves at the deadline. And to add insult to injury, Quintana had a stellar outing with the Cubs to remind the Pirates how to do things. So sad.

    Cubs Rule says:

    Hey smathers. IDK what Teke is talkin bout either. Moved to Pitt ‘burbs 8 months ago from Chitown and Tom ricketts owns, Theo Epstein is the Pres, and Jed Hoyer the GM. Still a fan of the Cubbies and will always be. The onlky Watson mentioned in that article was Tony Watson when they listed guys who might be traded

    Drinking too much————-> Texan Teke

    Stush in Polish Hill says:

    Good point Gunner regarding that the Pirates players are doing their part, now we need the owners to back them up! We need 3 of 4 from Milwakee or I bet they dont cash up.

    Tommy says:

    I don’t see a big effort to get Kang back. That’s all about not having to pay his 5 million this year. Same old crap. Don’t kid yourselves.

    Teke in Texas says:

    Bottom Line Bob must be shi**ing a brick tonight. If the Bucs can sweep tomorrow, there will be real pressure to ADD to the roster, and not trade away their better talent.

    Oh, no! What. Will. You. Do. Mr. Bob?

    We know that Neil doesn’t want to part with any “prospects,” although prospects are just that: prospects. Not proven talent. And, we know that Bottom Line Bob doesn’t want to open his tight wallet to pay for actual talent.

    But … the PNC attendance, season ticket sales and TV ratings are way down this year. Who will pay for Bob’s new ski lift at Seven Springs? And to think that the coup de grace tonight was administered by Mad Max! Moron. Oh, No! Bottom Line Bob’s dumpster-diving plan is not working as planned. The Buccos have a pulse! They could be contenders this year. Maybe the Bucs need to be buyers this year and GO FOR IT!

    Nah. Just like the non-signings of Edison Volquez, J. Happ and the ridiculously stupid trade of Neil Walker, Bottom Line Bob will have some line of BS to feed Bucco Nation to explain why he won’t add to the roster this year. Sad. So sad.

    Go Astros!!

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