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VEGAS KNOWS: The Bucs are NOT righting the ship

Father Knows Best?  Forget it.  Mother knows best?  Not necessarily.  You know who always seems to know the most?  VEGAS, and more specifically, Vegas odds on sporting outcomes.  There is a “futures” market in Vegas where you can bet on a future outcome of an event, such as “Who will win the Super Bowl” or “Who will win the World Series.”  Futures odds change daily, dependent upon new information the comes over time.  Well, here are the current odds to win the central division of the national league:

Cubs:  1-1

Brewers:  2-1

Cards:  7-1

Pirates:  25-1

Reds:  100-1

Translation in money terms:  You would win $100 if you put up $100 for the Cubs to win the division.  Not much profit, but reflects what the experts believe.  Also, you would win $2,500 if you put up $100 on the Pirates to win the division.  (The experts are saying, “No way!”)

As for the world series odds in case you are interested:

Cubs 9-1

Brewers  33-1

Cards  50-1

Pirates  150-1

Reds  350-1

My guess is that you’ll be watching the Dodgers or Nationals play the Astros in October.  Vegas is not dumb…It will be a looooooong second half of the season.

12 thoughts on “VEGAS KNOWS: The Bucs are NOT righting the ship”

    Dino from the Rocks says:

    25 to 1 WOW! That’s worse than my standard Yo bet in Vegas.

    Cimmaron says:

    That’s because Vegas knows that the Pirates will not be buyers and could possibly be sellers. You saw the Cubs make the move today for Quintana. Brewers made a smaller move to. Nutting’s only movement this month will be in the john

    Gunner says:

    Boxing jimmy –

    Vegas Knows is right! The smart money always is. Vegas knows that Bucs will be sellers, not buyers at the trade deadline; because Vegas knows that Bottom Line Bob Nutting is a shim-sham businessman; who Vegas Knows understands that the business he is in is the ENTERTAINMENT business, not the BASEBALL business; which means that Bottom Line Bob does’t care one whit about putting a winning product on the field, but only about putting dollars in his wallet; which means that Bottom Line Bob will keep the shim-sham dance going as long as he can continue to fool the fan base, by laughingly promote the “best organization in baseball,” telling us that hanging on to “prospects” is more valuable than trading for proven MLB players (like Quintana!), and promising that “bridge years” will lead to championships.

    “Wait ’till next year” is Bottom Line Bob’s rallying cry. “Small market team” is his excuse for being niggardly. Free shirt Fridays, fireworks, concerts, Kids days, promotions, the Pirate Parrot, Root Sports’ (now ATT’s) shots of “fans having fun at the game” instead of the GAME itself is proof enough that Bottom Line Bob views his acquisition of the fabled Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Club as just any other business investment, meant to be marketed as any other entertainment product. Oh, yes. Bottom line Bob understands the lessons taught in the classic Harvard Business Review Article, Marketing Myopia. See

    Bob understand the he is NOT in the BASEBALL business; he is in the ENTERTAINMENT business.

    Are you not entertained, Boxing Jimmy? Are you not amused?

    Well, NEITHER AM I. And neither is Vegas.

    The Possum says:

    Pirates second half record is now 1 – 0. Bell walk off HR downs the rival Cards! RTJR!

    Vegas? F*** Vegas. Aren’t they the same folks that didn’t see the Trump Train coming? RTJR!

    Optimistic Ollie says:

    Whoo Hoo! 2 games OVER 500 since June 1st. Raise the Jolly Roger as the Bucs are back and closing fast!

    Stush in Polish Hill says:

    Anyone notice that All-Star Harrison sucks lately? What’s he be doin’? Hanging too much at the Hookie Bar with Moroff?

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Nice. Lots of spirited discussion tonight. And yes, a good start for 2nd half for the Pirates. But the bottom line is that we are one game closer to a season ending and still behind Milwaukee by 7.0 games and Chicago by 1.5. Yes, we made up a game on the Cards…but are still behind them. Keep your hopes and wishes in perspective. Let’s look back after both the Cards and Brewers series in the next week on this integral home stand. (And by the way, the Bucs are on the road for the rest of the month after these two series)

    Chantel Marte says:

    Polanco was smoking that hookah as he non-chalantly walked back to third base after a walk only to be tagged out. What a lazy ass he is.

    Organ Donor says:

    No effort from Polanco right out of the gates for the second half. When no hustle and no heart is shown, guess what? No discipline is a MANAGER problem. There is just no accountability and Hurdle does not INSPECT what he EXPECTS.

    Rico Sanchez says:

    7 games out at the break…and now 8 games out. 9. 10, 11 coming soon

    Teke in Texas says:

    As a wiser man the me said: “The sad thing is that the front office seems to be in a self-fulfilling situation: they don’t do anything over the winter, after the Kang and Marte losses, or with our relief pitching struggles which keeps the team weak enough so they won’t have to make any “buy” moves at the deadline. And to add insult to injury, Quintana had a stellar outing with the Cubs to remind the Pirates how to do things. So sad.” (Hat tip to Tom Watson). Exactly! This ownership and management team DOES NOT WANT TO WIN. They just want to make money, and gobs of it. So sad.

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