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Ron in McKeesport Knows: Hurdle is the Pirates Biggest Hurdle!

Saw a post from the wise “Ron in McKeesport” earlier, and he brought some thoughts and stats to the table.  Below in italics is from Ron.

Clint the “over managing” Hurdle has a career record of 1085-1134-1. That is a winning percentage of 48%. Can you live with that?

The Rooney’s cannot. Mike Tomlin 103-57. Winning percentage of 64%

Mario cannot. Mike Sullivan 83-37. Winning percentage of 67%. Dan Bylsma was 252-117 which is a winning percentage of 66% and he got fired.

Face it, it all starts at the top and Nutting is satisfied with mediocrity. The Pirates have the 8th highest operating income in all of baseball at 51 million yet act as though they are on welfare. It’s embarrassing.

Here is another crazy stat. The Pirates have the 3rd highest profit percentage out of all 32 teams in MLB. Chew on that like Hurdle chews on gum. There is no light at the end of the tunnel, just the same old BS and false promises. “Pitt” iful.

I looked at Ron’s case and want to add to why Hurdle is the Pirates Biggest Hurdle.  As Ron says, yes, he is used to losing.  In addition to a sub-500 career managing record, he has only had 4 winning years in 15 of managing.  The Pirates are in 4th place for a reason.  On the offensive side they have the 4th highest average in the division, the 5th most (last) in home runs and 4th in stolen bases.  In the defensive side, the earned run average is 4th in the division.  Hence…the Pirates are 4th.  But they wouldn’t be if:

1) We had some semblance of a consistent lineup where we played our best players and did not give “regular nights off” to so many so often.

2) We were not so slow to recognize issues like Watson closing (and blowing five of them) when the entire world knew that Rivero should be closing.

The Pirates would probably be a game or two OVER 500 if just the above had happened.  And at the core of the reasons that #1 and #2 have been allowed to happen, is number 3…the bottom line.

3) If Hurdle was truly In it to Win It rather than the mentality of “everyone plays and everyone gets a trophy” attitude.  A Loser Leader produces Losing Teams.  It is their comfort zone.

9 thoughts on “Ron in McKeesport Knows: Hurdle is the Pirates Biggest Hurdle!”

    Stush in Polish Hill says:

    I’m glad someone is starting to say it like the Gunner yesterday and Ron and Boxing today. Ownership is greedy and sets the bar for mediocrity being acceptable and management of the team follows with the losing mentality. The thing that irks me the most is this subbing for the best players who all seem to get an extra day off per week. And the problem is also that since that Moroff clown plays short stop, 3rd, 2nd and the outfield…HE is the one that Clint brings in to sub for them. NO OTHER MANAGER in ALL of major league baseball has started a below .100 hitter in 20 games. How many of THOSE games might the Bucs have won. As Ron said: “Pitt-ifull”

    Rico Sanchez says:

    I’m starting to really love this site

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    After reading the comment from Stush in Polish Hill regarding how no manager has started a position player hitting less than .100 in 20 games, I did some research. Not only has no other manager started a sub-100 hitter 20 times….no manager has done it 5 times all year. And if you count games from May onward when averages start to settle in, no manager has done it ONCE!

    Since May 1st, Max has 2 hits in 16 games.

    Max is hitting .083 this year. And for those that have good memories, he played for the Big League Pirates twice in 2016, and yes, he hit .000

    Zuki says:

    Hurdle is a enabler. Behavior never changes at the hands on an enabler.

    Dino from the Rocks says:

    Can you imagine when Seargage, Cora and Prince go out for drinks after the games. They must be slapping their thighs laughing and WTF is likely the most common phrase each night.

    Rico Sanchez says:

    Boring when no games are on and no new posts

    Teke in Texas says:

    Zuni: what, are you are sports psychologist now? Sounds like you have issues, man.

    Dino: in your dreams, you would have drinks with those coaches. Keep dreaming, man.

    Rico: maybe you missed the Quintana trade. Not boring for those who pay attention.

    Shush: No. Gunner and Boxing are way off base. Ownership and management are working winning plan to build a team that will contend every year. Blame the playas for where the Pirates are right now. Read my Comment on another thread for details on this.

    Zuki says:

    I am a counselor at a detention center and the name is Zuki, not Zuni. I know more about enablers than the average jackass and Hurdle rates WAY above average in the jackass department.

    Triple Bypass says:

    The Bucs will always be beat as they have no heart

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