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The Gunner Knows! The Bucs Should be Buyers but will be Sellers!

The Gunner wrote this week and you should read some of his thoughts:  (Courtesy of Gunner) “Bucs should be BUYERS at the trade deadline. The competition within the division this year is w-e-a-k. The Team is just 1.5 games behind the WS champs and Cards, WITHOUT their All-Star outfielder (Marte) and last season’s HR leader (Gangnam style).

Which team will be the biggest winner at the trade deadline? Cubbies adding Verlander? No…. Bucs adding an All-Star outfielder at no cost (Marte). If Bucs play Jay-Hay at 2B and platoon Osuna and Freese at 3B, they just need to add one starting pitcher and a middle relief pitcher to be contenders. The Brew Crew are pretenders. The Cubbies starting rotation is in trouble. Only the Cards stand in our way.

But, will the Bucs add talent at the deadline, to put them on top? Have they done so in the past? To ask the question answers it. Cue the sound of Crickets.

While the Bucs SHOULD be cautious BUYERS at the deadline (since they have the core to succeed and because the competition within the division this year is weak ), they won’t due to the penny-pinching owner, Nutt-case, the cynical management who gives the fans “bread and circuses” but doesn’t provide the team manager a winning team roster,  and the incompetence of NH.

Only a change in ownership can save this Pirate ship from sinking beneath the waves (again).”  (this is the end of Gunners’ thoughts)

I find the Gunner articulates the frustration of the average fan and likely the frustration of a small market team with a cheapo owner.  I will add that we have an incompetent manager in Clint Hurdle.  He’s not a situational manager but rather a juggler with the circus big top music playing in the background.

6 thoughts on “The Gunner Knows! The Bucs Should be Buyers but will be Sellers!”

    Millvale Mark says:

    Yeah! We’ve been loyal fans and the Nut-job is cutting off the funding at the knees. Throw us a bone for a change Nutjobington!

    Paulie in Brentwood says:

    I’m with the Gunner and Boxing on this one. A surgeon needs his medical equipment, a barber needs his scissors, and a successful baseball team needs the bats and the pitching arms. We’re rubbing two sticks together in Pittsburgh to try to get fire while the Dodgers and Nationals have a blow torch! Stop current practices soon or we’ll just save our ticket money for the Steelers and Pens.

    Youngstown Fab says:

    My buddy told me about this site. I really like it. Youz Guyz have any meetings or boardroom get-togethers that I could be a part of because I have some great ideas.

    Ron from McKeesport says:

    Clint the “over managing” Hurdle has a career record of 1085-1134-1. That is a winning percentage of 48%. Can you live with that?

    The Rooney’s cannot. Mike Tomlin 103-57. Winning percentage of 64%

    Mario cannot. Mike Sullivan 83-37. Winning percentage of 67%. Dan Bylsma was 252-117 which is a winning percentage of 66% and he got fired.

    Face it, it all starts at the top and Nutting is satisfied with mediocrity. The Pirates have the 8th highest operating income in all of baseball at 51 million yet act as though they are on welfare. It’s embarrassing.

    Here is another crazy stat. The Pirates have the 3rd highest profit percentage out of all 32 teams in MLB. Chew on that like Hurdle chews on gum. There is no light at the end of the tunnel, just the same old BS and false promises. “Pitt” iful.

    Need I say more?

    Zuki says:

    Hey Ron. It’s your old buddy Zuki. Is your mom still pinching pierogies at St John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church in McKeesport?

    Teke in Texas says:

    Gunner and Boxing are WAY off on this one. The Pirates ship would be in first place but for One Hung Low’s DUI escapades, the drug-soaked Marte Party, and Cutch’s pouting putting him near the Mendoza line in April and May. Come on, dudes! Place the blame where it belongs – on the playas not the management.

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