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How to tell when the Pirates have given up on a game

Simple:  1) If they pinch hit Max Moroff late in the game, or 2) They put Antonio Bastardo in for relief.

Max is hitting just .093 this year with 4 total hits in 20 games.  There are even 3 pitchers on the team that have a higher batting average.  He’s just awful.  As for Bastardo…he has a 15.00 earned run average, and hitters are hitting .385 against him.  He gave up another 2 run home run today in the loss to the Cubs.  He is so horrible.  Clint keeps hoping he will turn it around since he is the 5th highest paid player on the team!  (Hard to believe I know).  Cutch, Cervelli, Harrison and Nova are the only players with higher salaries.

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    Rico Sanchez says:

    Rumor has it that Major League Baseball asked Bastardo and Marinez to pitch in the home run derby next week.

    StatBrat says:

    Here is a depressing statistic: The average person would have to make $221,000 for 30 years to make what Bastardo is making this year. ($6,725,000) And by the way, Hudson is the 8th highest paid on the team at 5.5 million. No wonder Cole is always throwing tantrums; He makes 3 million less than Bastardo and 2 million less than Hudson! HA!

    Jenna says:

    StatBrat, I did not know that. Can we just raise the white flag and surrender this season. I can’t bear to think that we are only halfway done with this farce. Here are the next steps to salvage anything out of this year.

    1. Fire Hurdle. We need a shake up. He’s out of touch.

    2. Cut the ties and DFA a few of these non-performers. It’s time to send a message.

    3. Bring up some AAA and even AA guys to see what we need to do for 2018.

    4. Trade Cole. He’s never going to re-sign here and we have no chance in the next few years. Rebuild the entire bullpen with this trade and add a prospect or two. It’s doable. He will be a good Yankee.

    5. Re-sign Cutch. Apologize and give him a 3 year deal. Someone has to be the face of the franchise. It’s not PED Marte. It’s not DUI Kang. It’s not head case Watson. It’s not injury prone Cervelli. Get it done.

    Lukewarm says:

    Maybe they’ve already given up on the season as I heard that they are resting Harrison the next two days so he is fresh for the All-Star game. Amazing

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Please stop this pinch hitting with Max Moroff. Again tonight and he struck out. .091 average

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Even when the Pirates have a 14 run outburst Max Moroff still goes 0 for 4 today.

    Gunner says:

    Boxing Jimmy: patience, grasshopper. It is a long season. Progress comes in small steps. Bucs now just 5 games under .500 and 1 1/2 games back of WS champs. Bastard-o already DFA’d. Overmatched Max’s days are numbered. Goose will soon be gone. Cutch back to being Cutch. Bell is legit. J-Hay at All-Star level. Exhibit A: Bucs offense explodes for 14 today! Hurdle’s genius rope-a-dope strategy starting to work. Brew Crew will fold, as they always do. Bucs have Fake Jake the Juicer’s number, and Lester the Molester no longer a threat. Second 1/2 of season will belong to the Bucs. We had ’em ALL THE WAY!

    Boxing Jimmy says:


    Lots of good points and glad to see Bastardo gone (even of we do eat the salary). Hope as you say that Max’s days are numbered and Cutch has been out of this world, but I’m not sold on this rope-a-dope strategy of Hurdle. You mention that the Bucs are now just 5 games under 500. True…but they were just 6 under going into play the 1st of June. Is that really much progress in 6 weeks when “Cutch is back to being Cutch?”

    There is one other assumption that I believe you are making but I will rebut. I believe this team will be sellers before the deadline. They cannot, in this market, afford Cutch if he keeps this level of production going. Cole could also bring some value. The others they may dump are close to worthless (Watson chief among them). Someone, whether in be the Cards or Cubs will get hot in the second half. It is very difficult to jump 3 teams in the standings when you are below 500 team.

    Gunner says:

    Boxing – well-thought-out, but consider – Bucs should be BUYERS at the trade deadline. The competition within the division this year is w-e-a-k. The Team is just 1.5 games behind the WS champs and Cards, WITHOUT their All-Star outfielder (Marte) and last season’s HR leader (Gangnam style).

    Which team will be the biggest winner at the trade deadline? Cubbies adding Verlander? No…. Bucs adding an All-Star outfielder at no cost (Marte). If Bucs play Jay-Hay at 2B and platoon Osuna and Friese at 3B, they just need to add one starting pitcher and a middle relief pitcher to be contenders. The Brew Crew are pretenders. The Cubbies starting rotation is in trouble. Only the Cards star in our way.

    But, will the Bucs add talent at the deadline, to put them on top? Have they done so in the past? To ask the question answers it. Crickets.

    This, of course, also exposes just one of the cardinal SINS committed by the Bucs: trading Neil Walker to the Mets (due to Neil Hunting-done’s personal animus towards Walker, as I have documented on other web sites).

    Basically, NH DFA’d the Pittsburgh Kid. How? Consider: NH trades the PGH kid to Mets for Neise; NH trades Neise back to Mets for Bastard-o; NH DFA’s Bastardo. Result: NH DFA’d the PGH kid. Had we kept Walker, imagine the line-up:

    3B Jay-Hay
    2B Walker
    CF Cutch
    1B Bell
    LF Marte
    RF Pollanco
    SS Jordy
    C Amore
    P Cole, Nova, Taillon, New (trade), Kuhl

    Of course, the list of NH’s sins does not stop here. Failing to sign J. Happ also comes to mind. But, I digress.

    While the Bucs SHOULD be cautious BUYERS at the deadline (since they have the core to succeed and because the competition within the division this year is weak ), they won’t due to the penny-pinching owner, Nutt-case, the cynical management of DUI-Frank (who gives the fans “bread and circuses” but doesn’t provide the team manager a winning team roster) and the incompetence of NH.

    Only a change in ownership can save this Prate ship from sinking beneath the waves (again).

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    The Gunner is spot-on with his observations. Could the Bucs compete? YES. Will they? NO. Wish management could read his assessment as it might wake up ownership and management to the frustration of the Pittsburgh fan. Will try to use some of these sound thoughts in a new posting.

    David Smathers says:

    What’s this Gunner smoking?? The Pirates were 5 games behind Brewers at the end of May and now they are 7 games behind them. Progress? BULLSHIT!!

    Gunner says:

    David – the Gunner only smokes the best Cuban Bolivar Coronas Gigantes and Monecristo No. 2 cigars. Watch and learn: The Brew Crew is irrelevant – all smoke and mirrors. They will fold like a cheap napkin. So (try to follow the logic, David), the Brewers are irrelevant. They don’t matter. Kind of like your comment, David. Keep your eye on the Cubbies and Cardinals. And the Bucs – just 1.5 games behind the real competition. That’s the real deal. All the rest is, as you said, B.S.

    Rico Sanchez says:

    Hurdles strategy is not rope a dope. It is just DOPE.

    CubsRule says:

    Word on the street from Baseball Insider report is that one All-Star infielder for the National League has bailed out of the game. Insider says that hurdle called Joe Maddon with suggestion for Max Moroff to replace him

    CubsRule says:

    Word on the street from Baseball Insider report is that one All-Star infielder for the National League has bailed out of the game. Insider says that hurdle called Joe Maddon with suggestion for Max Moroff to replace him

    Vera Clmidia says:

    Max reminds me of an old 70’s song. Something like Dead skunk in the middle of the road…

    I really don’t care anymore.

    How can you possibly believe that we can contend? You are another casualty of the heroin epidemic.

    In order, I dump Cervelli, Cole (Aka, Punk), Watson ( Maybe gain a large 1 topping pizza) and Jaso ( Aka, The white Bob Marley)

    No I do not trade Cutch. Are you insane? He’s the face of the franchise. It’s sure not Hurdle and his alcoholic cheeks. Get real. Cutch stirs the drink. Keep him and see what the off season brings.

    32 days until the Steeler play the Giants.

    Dr T Sanchez says:

    What a great AA team we have going. Nothing screams contender like Max with a batting average under .100 and 3 catchers that combined have hit 5 home runs for the year.

    Salvador Perez who most people other than Boxing have never heard of has hit 18 home runs for KC.


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