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Root Sports makes the Pirates even harder to watch or listen

Yes, the Bucs are bad.  Yes, they make it difficult to be a fan.  But you know who adds to the difficulty?  This ridiculous Root Sports team.  Can I watch the game?  Can Brown and Walk, Blass and Block comment on the game?  Can they leave the camera on the game?  Can they stick to audio regarding the game?  How many times do I have to watch some kid eat cotton candy?  Then hear Walk wax poetic about his time as a kid and sneaking in the game.  Who is at bat?  What’s the count?  What is going on in the field of play?  All 4 demonstrate more interest with what concessions they might eat.  Who will deliver them a treat to the booth?  Look at this little baby in the stands.  Oh, look at that sign…its his first ballgame he’s ever been to.   What the hell is the score?  Who’s at bat?  Blass, we don’t need a 2-inning long irrelevant story from you when you were in the minors.  Stop it!  This broadcast team would feel much more at home among the cast of Animal House, Porky’s or Fast Times at Ridgemont High with their collective sophomoric behavior.  Be a baseball guy and show and call the damn game!

8 thoughts on “Root Sports makes the Pirates even harder to watch or listen”

    Rico Sanchez says:

    Agreed. Greg Boring, Bob Talk (Too Much), Joe Blockhead and Steve Ass. Those games that we are lucky enough to see on Fox or ESPN are so much more enjoyable.

    Put a fork in them says:

    Funny listening to radio post game right now. Unhinged callers and hosts. New stat I’m glad I heard though…as of tonight only 4 national league teams have a worse record than the Pirates. We are 11th out of 15.

    AJ says:

    You mean, Greg (Exaggerate everything) Brown? He turns a simple infield fly rule ball into the best catch ever made. This team is beginning a new losing streak that will again last years and years. I hope that you all enjoyed the 2 wild card games because that is all that you will see for some time. Big deal, Marte is coming back. That’s like looking forward to Michael Irvin returning to your team. Sad, sad, sad….

    Bally says:

    …and if you get on the boardwalk, be careful. Just like any good team, you must ensure that the structure is solid. If not, things will collapse and all is lost.

    This is too depressing. I’m gonna have a Ginni and tonic.

    DC says:

    Maybe Boxing Jimmy would like Siri to call the games. The announcers are better than the team on the field

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    So glad to see a half inning tonight of Joe Block and John Wehner eating Philly Cheese Steaks in the booth. …..the GAME please!

    Tommy Wertz says:

    It’s anybody’s guess of whether it will be more cheese steaks tonight in the booth or if the guys will branch out to a Philadelphia style soft pretzel or maybe even funnel cake.

    StatBrat says:

    No Chicago style hot dogs last night for the crew?? They are slipping.

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