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Does Max Moroff have some dirt on Hurdle??

Short rant, but along with the sports pundits, I too cannot understand why this guy gets SO many starts from Hurdle.  3 times starting in the lineup in the past 10 days and one day coming in to pinch hit and stay in the game.  He has been an O-fer for over a month.  Average .083.    Total hits on the year: 3.     Please tell me WHY WHY WHY

7 thoughts on “Does Max Moroff have some dirt on Hurdle??”

    David Smathers says:

    Bottom line. This guys sucks. Hurdle sucks and s becoming a stubborn old man manager. Time to cut the cord with both of them. It’s a joke.

    Refer to the name of the website. Truth.

    Ralph says:

    Moroff got a hit today and they called timeout to save the ball. Pathetic…but he’s back up to a .100 average.

    Rico Sanchez says:

    When push came to shove in the bottom of the 9th, Harrison pinch hit for Moroff (unsuccessfully) and McCutchen was on deck. WHY when our backs are against the wall does Hurdle think these are the two best players to bat YET they could not start the game. (They are the two best players)

    Trevor W says:

    Just saw the lineup for tonight. Nova gets all the better lineups. No wonder he has the best record. When I pitch I never have Cutch and Harrison behind me, its always Moroff and some Joe BagofDonuts that was the “player to be named later” in some off-season minor trade. Even the team seamstress works overtime the night before I pitch cause she’s busy sewing names on new guys uniforms. Not fair!

    Max M says:

    Can’t we all just get along?

    Rico Sanchez says:

    It’s yet again another Max Moroff night of baseball, and tonight he is at shortstop. He’s hitting .103

    Bally says:

    Max is down to .095. Wow. What an impressive hitter. I really don’t think that he could start for the Washington Wild Things. What a sad state of affairs. All Star break means fire Hurdle.

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