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Meatloaf said Two out of Three Ain’t Bad…BUT

…But not when you give away a game, and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  A 4-2 lead turns quickly into a 8-4 loss.  We have one good reliever in Felipe Rivero, but we can’t pitch him the 7th through the 9th every game we have a lead and there are no dependable set-up men on this team.  That’s what happens when you scale down the payroll by 20 million.  Maybe Kuhl, who clearly can’t pitch more than 5 innings, should be a long reliever?   (He’s a very weak #5 starter).  The Pirates were staring to give me some hope this past week, but then I realized that they are 5-5 in their past 10 games.  No ground has been gained in a division SO bad that even the Cubs are 7.5 games out of a wild card slot.  It is all or nothing in this division.  You have to win the division to go to the playoffs.  No wild cards here.  We have two choices:  1)  Get it together quickly or 2) Prepare for some wholesale dumping of players and more salary before the trade deadline.

Boxing Jimmy

4 thoughts on “Meatloaf said Two out of Three Ain’t Bad…BUT”

    ESPNgeek says:

    I like Kuhl going to the pen, and some of the post-game talk right now is talking about that. That Brault guy in Indy is evidently on a roll. Maybe another turn for him trying to start, and he is a lefty and we need lefty starters.

    KingofJabs says:

    Hey Boxing, who do you like in that Mayweather-McGregor fight?

    Otis's Man says:

    You are spot on Boxing Jimmy!!! The Bucs have proven they can’t win going through the wild card and this year you have to win the division. In this case, Meatloaf is wrong……2 out 3 is bad!!!!

    Otis’s Man

    Laughing Larry W says:

    Good point Otis Man. Hate to contradict Meatloaf but all three games were really teed up for us to win.

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Boxing Jimmy Says:

In an already crowded 4-man outfield, Jordan Luplow gets playing time!??

This news will likely be overlooked, since the Pirates won their first series in 2 weeks, but playing time decisions are a major head-scratcher.  Hurdle, who at times looks like he throws a dart blind-folded at a roster to decide who leads off, takes his outfield shuffling to a new level. [...]