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Max Moroff for Frazier yet again!?

Moroff has 3 (yes three) hits this year and is batting .115.  Why does he continue to replace Adam Frazier in the lineup once a week lately?  Moroff is a lifetime minor league player with almost 600 minor league games played over a 6 year span.  He is a lifetime .256 hitter in the minors.  Frazier is just 25 years old.  I don’t think he needs this much rest.  Aaaaaand, he is hitting .293.   C’mon.

Boxing Jimmy

7 thoughts on “Max Moroff for Frazier yet again!?”

    Brewer Bomber says:

    We keep laughing and leading the division. See any of our best sitting out games?? Don’t your Pirates have a work ethic?

    Sunshine says:

    I agree Brewer Bomber. The Pirates seemed to be happy and patting themselves on the back for splitting the series. Mediocrity at its finest.

    LazyBones says:

    This is CLEARLY a major pet peeve of yours Boxing. Your Lazy Days of Summer Rant is classic! Hurdle seems to be doing a little less of this coddling lately. Maybe others are bitching to him about this practice? Or, maybe he’s reading the site!!??

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Here we go again. Max Moroff is replacing Frazier yet again in the lineup tonight. Everyone loves a 115 hitter leading off. In the past 6 days Frazier was replaced in the lineup on 6-22 by Moroff, then Frazier had the day off on Monday 6-26, and now has Wednesday 6-28 off replaced by Moroff. Hurdle is the ultimate “everyone gets a turn” and “everyone has a chance to be at bat” like T-ball coaches do. Don’t worry Max, we will get you your “participation trophy” soon.

    Jing-Ho Kang says:

    If my uncle was there the lineup would not be shuffled as much and the Pirates would have a winning record. My uncle was adamant about that in the bar last night.

    Ralph says:

    I agree Jing. Why do we tolerate this from our Manager? When is Jung coming back? I know a couple Uber drivers that will drive him around for free.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Moroff 0 for 4 and now at a 100 average. Show me ANY OTHER lead-off hitter that hits less. The #1 quality you look for in a lead-off hitter is a guy’s ability to get on base. Hurdle, you want to do the “participation trophy” bullshit that all get to play……..well at the very least hit guys like this 8th of 9th.

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