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I need a Drink!

Am I in the Bizarro World?? What the hell is going on? Did we not just “semi” annoint Rivero the Closer? Evidently not, as Hurdle is still committed to a Closer role “by committee.” LeBlanc comes in and pitches a clean 6th. Hudson comes in and pitches a clean 7th. (BOTH COULD HAVE GONE LONGER).. Then the Shocker: Rivero pitches a clean 8th inning. What do we do now that we have used the TRUE CLOSER for this team?? Most normal managers would go with the guy getting guys out (in this case LeBlanc or Hudson) to get to the 9th inning to use Rivero to shut the door. Not Hurdle
…the “Committee-mentality” comes in and a 4-3 lead becomes a 9-4 deficit. Pathetic.

Boxing Jimmy

6 thoughts on “I need a Drink!”

    Beleaguered Fan says:

    Drink Up! Every night provides at least one “head-scratcher.” Polonco is hitting 3rd tonight again with his .238 average. He ranks 10th on the team with 14 RBIs and is even behind Jason and Mercer with just 3 home runs. He’s a 3-spot guy through.
    Harrison, who leads the regular lineup in batting average…is having his “regular night off.”

    David Smathers says:

    A head scratcher for sure. No wonder I drink.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    Polonco must have read the comment!

    David Smathers says:

    Is Greg Brown wearing on your nerves like he is mine? Everything is an over-exaggeration. A simple fly ball is announced as though Stargell hit the upper deck in 3 Rivers.

    Alligator says:

    I’ll tell you what is wearing on my nerves. McCutchen has no arm. Any other center fielder would throw out a guy trying to stretch a single to a double. But with no arm in even raising the ball to 2nd base…it comes in bouncing and off-line.

    Tradehimfast says:

    Opposing hitters are hitting over 300 against Watson. He used to be a good set up man but he isn’t even that anymore. The only thing he sets up is an opposition comeback.

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