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Lazy Days of Summer

I have to agree with a recent comment from “Mark” regarding Clint Hurdle’s schedule of “regular days off” for starters on the team. Now trust me, despite Cal Ripken and Lou Gehrig, I DO believe that a well placed day off is fine for most players. Occasionally. Now and then. Not once a week. This is baseball folks and most will remember those days of youth when we played all day and barely made it back to the dinner table on time. It’s not body on body contact like football. It’s not non-stop skating and checking like hockey. It’s not running up and down the court like basketball. Frankly, it’s almost pleasant standing in the field with only a one in nine chance of the ball being hit our way. We are in comfortable clothing, not impeded by large pads or heavy equipment. On offense our turn at bat only comes up every three innings or so. In the meantime, we get to sit in the dugout and eat sunflower seeds, tease our pals on the team, and drink Gatorade to our heart’s content. Whew!

These are high-paid professional athletes. Here is one example (that happens every week). Jordy Mercer was 2 for 2 on Tuesday the 13th of June. David Freese was 2 for 4 the same day. Between the two of them they had 4 of the 9 hits the Pirates had in a winning Tuesday game. BOTH had “regular days off” on Wednesday. Mind you, the Pirates are OFF on Thursday, so it’s nice that the boys have a 2 day respite from their work….and those five months to look forward to when they are off October, November, December, January and February. What would Gehrig and Ripken think?



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5 thoughts on “Lazy Days of Summer”

    Freedom Fighter says:

    It’s the entitled generation. Millennials or Generation X’s, whatever they call themselves. They’re lazy. But sometimes I think that the manager just wants to give everyone days off as he is a “participation and everyone gets a trophy” type of manager. Let’s give Joe some at-bats. Let’s give Lugnuts a couple innings of work. Likeable, yes. A Winner, never.

    Brobley says:

    The guy is a manager. He MANAGES. He does not LEAD. Most greats in society know the difference between just managing and being a true leader. He does not. Simple. Anyone can be a button pusher but few can really inspire and influence. He brings them down to a pat on the back mentality rather than rising to true competitiveness.

    Tommy says:

    I used to know a Bill Brogley

    Spike says:

    A player on the team has been bitching about this for three years. His sister was dating my friend and he was always so frustrated by getting a day off when he was regularly hitting 300 a couple years ago. He said that there is more continuity in playing day after day and it kept him sharper.

    Calculus says:

    Max Moroff is hitting .136 on the year. Mercer is hitting over .400 in the past month. Nuff said.
    effin crazy

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