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The Position is Called CLOSER…not SAVER

Now that the Pirates have a new Closer I can only hold out hope that this time around Clint Hurdle will use him for the role that is meant for a Closer. The main objective is to win games…and while it is nice that the Closer gets a +1 in the column for a save, we still have to hold to the main objective of winning the game.
Too often in past years Hurdle has treated this role on the team as a SAVER, rather than a CLOSER, with less regard for the team and more regard for whether he can get a save for Watson, Melancon, Grilli, Hanrahan, etc.  There is a reason that this mediocre team always manages to send the Closer to the All-Star Game.  Hurdle pads the stats of the Closer and too often it comes at the expense of the team’s stats.  My thought is to pitch the person THE MOST LIKELY to get the win for the situation.  I don’t care if the Pirates are up by one run or five runs…if the Closer is able to go then give him the ball.  Hurdle on the other hand will not pitch the Closer if he cannot earn him a save, and a five run lead will not earn a pitcher a save.  STOP IT HURDLE!!  Do the right thing!   Do what is right for the team!

6 thoughts on “The Position is Called CLOSER…not SAVER”

    Pati says:

    Not only has Hurdle coddled their statistics (at the cost of the team) , but the end result of padding the statistics in their favor is that he prices the Closer out of the market for the Pirates to keep!

    Greg says:

    Brilliant and true. All of a sudden Grilli and Melancon are worth millions? Really? Cmon man. Mario Mendoza also had several saves.

    Lavar Shineofski says:

    My boy Rivero will get Hurtle to wake up. This brother is lights out.

    Mark says:

    Rediculous use of the bullpen tonight! Rivero should have at least pitched to Heyward to start the 9th. No excuses for not knowing Heyward would get a hit against Nicasio. No excuses!

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    I am numb with the decisions tonight. More in a rant I will soon post.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    This is the prescription for success. It really is very simple. 29 other teams would likely LOVE Rivero as the Closer. We just have to start to love him that much!
    For the record, as strong as Nicasio has been as a long reliever and middle-inning reliever, he has only one save in his history….and it is more than 2 years ago in May of 2015.
    Stick with Rivero for inning #9

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