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From Russia w/ luv

Valadimar just sent me a text. Not only did he screw the election he decided to keep Clint hurdle as the pirates manager to screw the pirates

4 thoughts on “From Russia w/ luv”

    Bernie says:

    Clint Hurdle is C-H initials
    Hilary Clinton is H-C initials

    Coincidence? I think not

    Maxine says:

    Wish Trump owned Bucs

    Weegie says:

    Vlad is always tricking us with some Ally-oop

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Boxing Jimmy Says:

Baseball Winter Meetings Update: Pirates Claim infielder Engalb Vielma from Phillies

Why do we even go to the meetings?  Here are the particulars on Engalb Vielma.

  1. He's a minor league shortstop who had a . [...]