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Nutting Reaches Under the "lock and key" Mattress. And actually spends some saved money!

But Hurdle will find a way to screw things up. AKA: E-Rod.

From Russia w/ luv

Valadimar just sent me a text. Not only did he screw the election he decided to keep Clint hurdle as the pirates manager to screw the pirates

4 thoughts on “From Russia w/ luv”

    Bernie says:

    Clint Hurdle is C-H initials
    Hilary Clinton is H-C initials

    Coincidence? I think not

    Maxine says:

    Wish Trump owned Bucs

    Weegie says:

    Vlad is always tricking us with some Ally-oop

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Boxing Jimmy Says:

I’m HAPPY that Bucs have traded for Starter and Reliever, But for the Love of God…ENOUGH of Where’s Waldo Error Prone and hitless Rodriguez !!

Chris Archer from the Rays to the Bucs.  Check!  (Decent starting pitcher acquired). [...]