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Clint, the over manager

I have a great idea. Set a starting line up and stick with it. This isn’t a video game old man.

9 thoughts on “Clint, the over manager”

    Dave says:

    The Reds would have 130 wins this season if they only played the pirates. Thanks from a reds fan

    Tommy says:

    I agree. Just promote Prince and get it over with.

    brock says:

    I don’t even know how to throw a baseball, and I know the Pirates suck.

    Mark says:

    I agree to stick with a lineup! What is with this “regular night off” stuff that Clint spouts? Freese is off tonight after getting two hits last night because its his “regular night off.” What does he have…bowling night with the church league on Wednesdays?!

    Tommy says:

    No. Church is on Sunday. That’s why we send out a AA lineup every Sunday. God forbid that McCutchen could play on a Sunday. Don’t worry, we always can play Chris Stewart

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    With the Cubbies coming to town tomorrow, I do hope we are back to our best lineup tomorrow.

    Frankie says:

    Well, Boxing. Down 3-zip after 1 is certainly not encouraging but expected.

    David Smathers says:

    Well, Clint, are you happy? You have ruined what was once a great set up man. This poor guy has no idea of his role and is now a head case.

    You really aren’t grasping that continuity is a good thing. People don’t like surprises and that is all you do. Time to turn over the keys and retire.

    Boxing Jimmy says:

    For the stats people out there, yes the Pirates lead the league in giving up runs in the 9th inning or later. (extra innings) Other stats I have come across lately include:
    > We are down ~ 5,000 in home attendance per gave in 2017 compared to 2016.
    > Our payroll is down 20 million from two years ago.

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