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The Pirates start the season 8-2

BUT now they are 12-9. Has reality struck?

Will the REAL Pirates please stand up

8-2 start.  Now 10 days later at 12-9.  First place has now become 2nd place.  Crazy offense has now dried up….against the Phillies to boot!.  Starting pitching has been “ok” but relief pitching, including some imposter named Vazquez, has faultered.  What will the next week hold?  Oh, and it getting close to the time to […]


Who the Hell are these guys ??

8 wins and 2 losses in the first 10 games.  The ranking of 1st in all of major league baseball in runs scored per game (6.4), batting average (.283) and on base percentage (.359).  It’s as if Kreskin has hypnotized the entire offensive team to believe they are the Yankees. As for the pitching…well, it […]


Bucs SWEEP the Tigers and begin season 3-0 ! ! !

Huh? What?  Despite the unhealthy over-managing of the Pirates by our misguided skipper, the Bucs managed to win three games straight and sit atop to division tied with Milwaukee.  OK, I know its early but hey…there have been some bright spots.  Let’s see what another week brings as we get a feel for this team’s […]


Uh Oh! Is Spring Training a sign of what’s to come ??

Is the ship sinking from the start?  I know it’s only spring training.  I know the games don’t count.  But with one week remaining until the start of the regular season, do we have to have the 2nd worst spring training record in the league?  Yes, the Bucs are 9-16 with a week to go.  […]


Pitchers and Catchers reported? Oh, I’m so excited.

I remember when this phrase used to signify the beginning of spring and an end to the gloom and doom of a Pittsburgh winter. Now, it just means a lot more of the same losing tradition with no end in site. The “pretty ballpark” is going to be empty this year. It looks like Vegas […]


Huntington Rips out Bucs Heart and Soul:…Dumps Salary, Cutch and Cole

Saturday brought the news of Gerrit Cole being traded to the Astros.  The Pirates in return received 4 players.  Their first names in no particular order are: Jason, Michael, Colin, and Joe.   Their last names in no particular order are Musgrove, Feliz, Martin, and Moran. IF you can match up all 4 first and last […]


Inspirational Music for the Holidays ?

Is this for real or a bad dream?  I can hardly stand him managing but have to draw the line at singing.  Will Santa Nutting and elf Huntington give us presents for the upcoming season?  Or will it be the same pile of coal that we’ve been heating our homes with since September?  Stay tuned!



On Sunday night the Pittsburgh Steelers won again and the star power of Antonio Brown and Big Ben carried the team to victory! On Saturday night the Penguins handily beat Tampa Bay, the best team in hockey. Last night they pulled out a come from behind victory. In both cases they were led by their […]


Mark your calendars! Sean Rodriguez Walk-Off Bobblehead Promotion is June 23rd!!

In addition to the standard Free Shirt Fridays and Zambelli Fireworks Nights, the Pirates are beefing up the promotions and gimmicks to try to lure you back in droves next season.  Just announced are the promotional dates and give-aways for the 2018 season.  Oh, you’d like to see a better baseball team on the field.  […]